The Therapist Collective

Why Happy Hour Should Be Mandatory for Helping Professionals

By Ginger Houghton, LMSW Bright Spot Therapy (

A typical therapist sees between 15-20 clients per week. We hear the good, the bad, and the really ugly of human existence. We pour ourselves into helping clients pick up the pieces, pick up on their patterns and move towards a life they love. While being that present for all of our clients can be oddly recharging, it can also be exhausting.

We binge watch. We fall down the rabbit hole that is social media. We skip our walks or workouts because there’s just not enough energy left. All of these things are an attempt to give us the calm, the peace, the energy we need to keep doing our job.

At The Therapist Collective we get it. We’ve been there. Hell, sometimes we’re still there. But…….. we’re actively working to support each other so we can show up better, stronger, smarter and more present in our work and personal lives.

That’s why we love a good happy hour! At a typcial 9-5 job, there’s a legit bonus for people grabbing lunch or a drink at the end of the week. These opportunities help us connect, get a handle on what happened in our week and find a way to let it go so we show up better next week. Therapists in private practice need that too!

Our Therapist Happy Hour offers coffees, teas, juices or a mimosa or glass of wine as well as great company.

Come join us! Our Happy Hours run every other Friday from 1-3 PM at 28592 Orchard Lake Rd. Farmington Hills, MI 48334 in the Bright Spot Counseling office. Come laugh, de-stress, get support with the best therapists in our area! Sign up for membership and RSVP for our upcoming Happy Hours here.