The Therapist Collective

Social Media

We want you to feel supported and connected in-person and online. Whether you’re burning the midnight oil doing paperwork and have a random question or need to get some feedback from other therapists on a break in between sessions, you can use our closed Facebook page to reach out and provide support to other therapists.

As a paid member of the Therapist Collective you can request to our Closed Facebook Group by clicking here:


To be the most supportive to our community of therapists, we offer:

  • Online Referral Exchange within Michigan
  • Asks/Answers to common questions practice building questions that are specific to Michigan (For example: Which commercial real estate agents get what we do and can help me find space? Does anyone know if Blue Care Network still provides the financial incentive to therapists for reaching out to primary care doctors?)
  • Posting of other free/low-cost CEU training opportunities in our area.
  • Post your upcoming events and accomplishments! Spread some good vibes!
  • Build on the face-to-face connections you’ve made at Therapist Collective training, networking and events.