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Sometimes we get asked why we charge for The Therapist Collective. Why can’t it be free and we all just hang out? 

The answer is that it’s a lot of work  to coordinate and plan amazing events and we need therapists who are every bit as excited and committed as we are. As therapists, we know better than anyone that when a person is invested, financially or emotionally, they’re much more likely to follow through. We want you to jump into the fun instead of scheduling one more client or binge watching something on Netflix. We want you to commit to this experience to make new connections, learn new things and have a great time along the way. The Therapist Collective is an investment personally and professionally. (Side note – save your receipt! In private practice, tax season is always around the corner!)

Yearly Membership 2022/2023 $225 per year (Sign up at ;  
Yearly Renewals for Returning Members: $50

   What You Get:

  • We want you to come to as many training, networking and activities as you can! The Therapist Collective only works if you show up! While many of  our events are free, some events have a charge due to our expense for the activity. Check out our calendar and events for more details.
  •  Access to our Closed Member Facebook Page for connection, support and referral exchange.
  • Opportunities to heal, laugh, and build community through in-person events with therapist who get you! Goat Yoga, Rage Room or Breathwork  anyone?
  • Online training events to help you develop new skills in Hypnosis and Racial Bias.
  • Relaxed and unstructured networking events like Cider and Donuts, Forest Bathing (trust us, it’s trending!) and Wine Tasting. 

Join us!

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General rules for ALL members:

  1. Must have an active clinical license (full or limited) in: Social work, Counseling, Psychology or Marriage and Family therapy. Must abide by all ethics standards of own discipline. (We get asked if therapists can apply after graduation while LARA is approving their license. Absolutely!)
  2. Must have an interest in connecting with other providers in a non-competitive, positive and cooperative fashion.
  3. Must have dues paid in full.
  4. No refunds will be issues after membership has been purchased for any reason, including not attending events, etc.
  5. Must abide by all event-specific rules and norms, such as peer supervision guidelines, Mastermind groups and other guidelines as presented by the Board.