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Membership and Benefits

As part of The Therapist Collective, you’ll have access to monthly networking and training events, peer case conferencing and a closed Facebook group.

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Therapist Collective Guest Policy:

The strength of our Therapist Collective is in our members, and we encourage you to help us invite more colleagues to become members by having them join you at events as your guest, free of charge. Here is our guest policy:

  1. A guest must be a licensed mental health professional, or must be a pre-licensed professional actively working on obtaining their full license. 
  2. A guest can attend a presentation or a networking event, but not a CEU event or a peer supervision event. 
  3. A guest can come only once before making a decision to become a member. 

General rules for ALL members:

We have a set of general rules to which we adhere for membership and a set of Rules and Norms by which we abide for Peer Supervision. If you have any questions about the Rules and Norms below, please be in touch. We’d be happy to discuss them with you.

  1. Must have an active clinical license (full or limited) in: Social work, Counseling, Psychology  or Marriage and Family therapy. Must abide by all ethics standards of own discipline.
  2. Must have an interest in connecting with other providers in a non-competitive, positive and cooperative fashion.
  3. Must have dues paid in full.
  4. No refunds will be issues after membership has been purchased for any reason, including not attending events, etc.
  5. Must abide by all event-specific rules and norms, such as peer supervision guidelines, Mastermind groups and other guidelines as presented by the Board.

Peer Supervision Rules and Norms:

  1. Respect confidentiality and privacy of other participating therapists and clients under discussion. Do not use actual names of clients under discussion and limit identifying information to a minimum. If, despite therapist’s best efforts, a member recognizes individual or family under discussion, that member will excuse him or herself until the end of the that segment of peer supervision.
  2. Peer supervision DOES NOT constitute state-mandated supervision towards licensure.
  3. Peer supervision DOES NOT constitute legal or financial advice.
  4. Because everyone’s time is valuable, all meetings will start and end on time. Please be respectful of all time limits to ensure all members receive time, space and support.
  5. It is recommended that you come to each peer supervision session with a prepared supervision form to make the most of everyone’s time and expertise.