The Therapist Collective

How To Thrive As A Therapist, Post Pandemic

By: Madison Marcus-Paddison

1) Breathe between sessions: Take a break, grab a snack, hydrate and disconnect from that client so you can give the best version of yourself to your next client. They deserve it. You deserve it.

2) Have fun! Get outside. You’re a living thing- you need the sun! Explore new places. Try new things. Step outside your comfort zone and take off your emotional sweatpants.

3) Supervision: Make sure you have someone to process your cases with. This stuff is heavy and complicated and often, we’re struggling with the same challenges our clients are experiencing. Where is it written that you need to be holding all of this on your own? I haven’t gotten that memo yet- so until I do, I’m going to rely on others to support me in shouldering some of the impact this position can have on a person.

4) Attend new trainings – Grow your skillset, sharpen the tools in your tool box. Get to know other therapists interested in the same content. Add to that CV and Psych-Today profile!

5) Connect with other therapists, both online and in person – vent, laugh, learn and support each other. This job is as hard as it is rewarding, and knowing that you can always find someone at the metaphorical water-cooler, makes showing up everyday a little easier.

Good news! The Therapist Collective meets all of this criteria! The Therapist Collective combines social, networking and training opportunities at fun and unique locations throughout the Metro Detroit area. Connect with like-minded people, have fun and grow, both personally and professionally.

Can’t wait to see you and recharge together!