The Therapist Collective

About Us

We each have advanced degrees in a therapeutic concentration and are licensed to provide therapy. We are at different stages in building our separate private practices in Southeast Michigan. We realized having local support would have made our lives so much easier and fun if we had more support and connection along the way. We want to share what we’ve learned to help you conquer your fears, connect with us and all the other therapists in our group. Let’s do this!

Ginger Houghton

In 2018,  a bit of agency burnout and the challenges of balancing family obligations led me to the gift of starting my private practice Bright Spot Counseling. Prior to this, I spent months in my own head weighing the pros and cons until I finally and gleefully gave my notice. After years of agency work as a therapist and a director, I was free.

Gulp, swallow, sweat–this transition prompted alternating bouts of excitement and anxiety. For me, there was a huge difference between knowing that I had the skills to run a non-profit’s counseling program versus feeling comfortable in building my own practice. Would I be able to earn enough? Whose office would I be able drop in to after a really rough session? How would this all work?

Enter Natasha Kendal who was inspiring, reassuring and endlessly wonderful in helping me connect both to my vision and to other local therapists. Natasha was thoughtful and positive, and served as an incredibly helpful guide and friend to bounce ideas off. This model, and our relationship, encouraged me to connect with other local therapists who have become my best referral sources, advocates and one of best parts of my new daily life. Without their support, I would still be spending my time bingeing on practice building podcasts and trolling all the therapist Facebook groups instead of serving a practice full of clients I adore.

Throughout this experience, I couldn’t help but wonder why there was nothing local, old-school, face-to-face to help people grow and connect while also helping them build and maintain their practice. The complexity, uncertainty and successes of building my practice made me wish something local like the Therapist Collective had been around to support my own transition.  As we have shifted from an idea to the reality of the Therapist Collective, I can’t wait to learn and grow with each of you!

Natasha Kendal

I am a therapist, a coach, a mom, a wife, a business owner, but above all, I am a CONNECTOR! I love connecting people to people and people to resources! When Ginger approached me with the idea of The Therapist Collective, a place for therapists to learn and connect, I was thrilled. I already lead two networking groups for helping professionals in SE Michigan, but I was longing to connect more with MY people – other therapists.

As an owner of two successful private-pay therapy businesses, Dr. Natasha Kendal and Associates and Your Parenting Coach, I know firsthand the difficulties therapists face when starting and growing private practices. I know about the loneliness and the disconnection, the legal and financial questions, the agony of having made bad decisions – and the bigger agony of failing to act in the first place. I want to help fellow therapists feel connected, inspired and energized while avoiding mistakes that I have made along the lines.