The Therapist Collective


Why Us?

There are tons and tons of skilled professional coaches across the country. We’re different. We’re local and we want to help you connect with other local therapists face-to-face at our awesome events, trainings and networking opportunities. You’re awesome, we’re awesome and frankly the last few years have been rough. All therapists deserve a supportive space to thrive.

Why does local matter? Here are a few reasons:

  • As therapists we know the value of sitting across from someone in real life. Reading body language, empathizing and connecting are what we do all day long. But with a packed schedule we often forget to spend the time being human with other people who get us.
  • All the billing and coaching podcasts and groups are great. The problem? Sometimes you need to connect with someone quickly that knows about the specifics in our state. For example, those of us who take insurance had an unnerving 2 weeks where claims weren’t going through across the state of Michigan. It’s really nice to be able to reach out to your connections in your community for answers when you need them and to be able to offer reciprocal support when your friends are in need.
  • It’s hard and expensive finding trainings that fit your schedule and your needs. We offer discounted digital seminars through PESI to help you keep learning and growing. We relish the opportunity to sit and learn among your Collective friends so that you can brainstorm and we can help each other implement the fun, new stuff into our practices.
  • Many of us are natural introverts or are just terrified of cold-calling a stranger to set up a networking coffee date. We want to make that transition fun, exciting and easy. Come meet and see who you have synergy, network during our event and set up a follow up coffee date to build on your new relationship. Voila!
  • Being a great therapist is an ongoing, sometimes challenging, journey but supervision and case case are expensive! Supervision and case consultation also get pushed to the side when we have so many competing demands on our time in private practice. Come get feedback, support and fresh ideas from your peers!

The last few years have been hard on everyone! Come fight burnout, have some fun, make some friend, and learn something new!

We’re The Therapist Collective and we can’t wait to see you!