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The Reality

Simply put, being a therapist is incredible. We get to witness clients make major transformations and find a path to their best life. Though the benefits are plentiful, our job can also be isolating, frustrating and overwhelming. Where we might struggle to balance heavy caseloads and a seemingly endless stream of documentation in agency work, private practice can lead to challenges connecting with other therapists, filling our calendar consistently and balancing the business demands we didn’t anticipate.

We want to help you create connections and hone your version of success alongside amazing peers in our community. Join us!

resources and
networking for mental
health professionals.

Hoping to establish your own counseling practice? Hustling to see clients while balancing paperwork, billing and practice management, all while hoping to foster personal balance?

Whether you’re a newbie to private practice or a seasoned pro, you’re in the right place.  At the Therapist Collective, we offer support, networking opportunities and amazing chances to learn and grow with people who really get what you do.


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Our Mission

To help therapists overcome the challenges of our profession by establishing a community and providing continued training. 

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Looking to join The Therapist Collective? Sign up at for a yearly membership. We host free and paid events but all events are limited to members only! We limit events to members only because we really care about members connecting and if the group is too large, it takes away from the intimacy and genuine connection. (***Hint: If you have trouble registering on, make sure to save your picture before you push submit. Having trouble registering? Reach out to us!